5 Looks für den Übergang von dem Winter auf den Frühling in 2022

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11 nápadů na luxusní dárky pro ženy
5 Looks für den Übergang von dem Winter auf den Frühling in 2022
Ein Outfit für den Frühling mit einer Jeans und einem Oversize-Shirt

Auf der Suche nach Frühlings-Looks? Entdecke diesen Blogpost, den wir für den Frühlingsanfang für dich zusammengestellt haben.

Searching for the best luxe gift ideas for women that are suitable for any occasion? You have come to the right place! Whether you are searching for a gift for a birthday, a holiday, an anniversary, or 'just because' this list will give you all the insights into a women's mind and tell you exactly what she wants as a present. 

All of these gifts are perfect for a modern and stylish woman and with 15 gift ideas, I am sure you will find one that suits the women in your life. Scroll through this list to find a luxurious gift that will awe the women in your life, and last a lifetime. 

It is time to show the women on your life just how much they mean to your with one (or more) or these luxe gifts.

Entdecke die besten Fashion Looks für den Sprung in den Frühling 2022

Mit den ersten Sonnenstrahlen des Frühlings wird es langsam Zeit die Winterkleidung mit etwas Leichterem zu ersetzen. Mit dem Lagen-Look, Oversized-Outfits und neuen Farbkombinationen wird dein Kleiderschrank garantiert nicht langweilig. Verpasse nicht die neusten Trends für das Frühjahr 2022, die wir hier zusammengestellt haben. 

1. Bekleidung mit Schichten

Looks mit verschiedenen Kleidungsschichten sind für transitorische Zeiten ideal, da es überraschende Temperaturänderungen geben kann. Indem man Schichten an- oder auszieht, kann man sich an jede Situation anpassen. Probiere nicht nur einen Pullover oder eine Strickjacke anzuziehen, sondern auch ein T-shirt mit einem Blazer, oder ein Longsleeve-Top mit einer Jacke und einem Mantel darüber.

Nothing is more practical and stylish than a watch, and a gold watch with diamonds brings this over the top! This luxe gift idea for women is quite literally timeless. A luxe watch is durable and will last for years, and it can be worn with any type of outfit.

This makes it the perfect gift any woman will adore.

2. Kombiniere neutrale und kräftige Farben in deinem Outfit

Neutrale Farben so wie Beige, Schwarz oder Weiß, sind das ganze Jahr lang gut zu tragen. Mit dem Frühling um der Ecke ergibt sich die ideale Gelegenheit dafür, einige kräftigere Farben in unserem Outfit einzusetzen! Kombiniere doch mal einen grünen Longsleeve-Top mit einer dunkelfarbigen Jeans, oder sogar umgekehrt, trage doch mal eine farbige Hose mit einer weißen Bluse

3. Die Jahreszeit für kürzere Stiefel

Mit dem Frühling 2022 vor der Tür wird es langsam Zeit, die warmen Winterstiefel wieder in den Schrank zu packen um mehr von dir selber zu zeigen. Eine tolle und sichere Auswahl an Zubehör für Frühlings- und Sommeroutfits sind stilvolle Stiefel. Kombiniere Stiefeletten mit High Waist Jeans oder mit einem Frühlingskleid, oder probiere modische Overknees zusammen mit einem Rock zu kombinieren.

Classy and cute hairpins are all the rage right now, and every woman would love to receive one or two as a gift. This is the perfect little yet meaningful gift, that you can get quite creative with. The hairpins come in a ton of different styles, and some even have words on them, so finding the one that suits the women in your life can be some fun!

4. Denim on denim

Denim Klamotten werden nie altmodisch und sind immer eine Tolle Möglichkeit für die Frühlingszeit. Wenn du dich dafür tapfer genug fühlst, kannst du ja ein Jeggings Set oder ein Paar High Waist Jeans zusammen mit einer modischen Jeansjacke kombinieren. Probier doch mal, mit kräftig gefärbten T-shirts deinen Denim-Look für den Frühling 2022 fertigzustellen.

Ballet flats are a must-have for all women. They are the perfect comfy yet chic shoe that can be worn to work, on a coffee run, or anything else! They come in a ton of styles and colors, and if you are feeling overwhelmed go with a simple black or nude pair from Valentino or Balenciaga. 

5. Oversize-Kleidung für ein Relaxed Fit

Im Frühling steigt die Temperatur, und das bedeutet, dass die Zeit für bequeme und luftige Klamotten für wärmeres Wetter gekommen ist. Oversize-Kleidung und ein entspannter Fit werden immer beliebter und immer mehr trendy, der feminine Hauch geht allerdings dabei nicht verloren. Was raten wir? Kombiniere einen Oversize-Blazer mit einem Paar Skinny Jeans, oder ein Paar Baggy & Boyfriend Jeans mit einem bunten Top.

Give the women in your life a little extra glamour with a pair of oversized round frame sunglasses. The perfect practical and fashion-forward gift that will keep her eyes protected and have her looking amazing. Plus various designers have their own sunglasses lines so you can find a nice luxe pair that are high fashion looking and ultra-durable. 

Logo belts are a women's perfect accessory where they can show off a flashy brand name. Logo belts have become very popular this season and will only continue to rise in popularity! Getting one is the perfect way to show your women how on-trend you are. 

Coin Necklace

Coin necklaces are very on-trend and a great gift idea for women. It is a classy and pretty piece of jewelry that looks great stacked with other necklaces. The coin can have different imprints on them so try to find one that is unique and tells a little story. What women love more than anything is seeing that the men in their life put in an effort and actually listen to them, and showing you do via a piece of jewelry with a story is perfect! 

Silk Scarf

A silk scarf is a great gift for all the stylish and fashion-forward women out there. It is the perfect accessory that can be worn around a women's neck, attached to her handbag and many more ways! This is a timeless item that all women need.

Designer Handbag

Designer handbags are a great gift to get for every type of woman. There is not one woman who would be upset or dissatisfied with a designer bag as a gift. Secretly find out the women in your life's favorite designer and get her the perfect handbag made by them!

Trust me, she will use this every day and will forever be grateful.

Pearl Headband 

Pearls are back and better than ever. The best way to wear this pearl trend is on the timeless headband hair accessory. This headpiece will have her feeling elevated and chic! Plus it can be worn as a daytime piece to add a cute and classy feel to her look, or in the evening as a chic accessory. 

Fancy, Dangly Earrings 

Dangly earrings are a timeless piece of jewelry that will get your woman through a ton of formal and high-end events. A nice pair is the perfect statement piece to any look and will last for a lifetime. Make your women look and feel her best with this gift. 

Belted Camel Trench Coat

Trench coats are the perfect high fashion coat that is also super practical. The camel color is a nice change from classic black jackets, and the long length is ultra-flattering. Keep the woman in your life warm and fashionable with this gift. 

High Fashion One Piece Swim Suit

Every woman loves swimsuits! So why not get her a luxurious one piece to rock for a beach day or a holiday on the beach? This is not the first gift a woman thinks of, but she will be very grateful to have a nice new suit to rock on the beach.

Luxe High Heels

Some woman live in high heels, and some only wear them on very special occasions. But, no matter what type of woman you have in your life a nice, high-end pair of heels is a great gift that will make her look and feel amazing! 

Every woman has her dream shoes so be sure to ask her whats her dream high heel and surprise her with a shoe to meet all her fantasies.  

Card Holder

Nowadays women's purses are getting smaller and smaller, and they have limited space for big bulky wallets. But women still need to carry all their cards and cash somehow! That is where sleek card holders come in. This is the perfect gift that will help the women in your life carry around their belongings with ease. I can promise you she will be overjoyed! 

Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are the perfect accessory to add a high end and luxurious feel to a look. Not only do they look great, but they are also very practical and are great for keeping a woman's hands warm on chilly nights.  

This list of gift ideas for women is sure to have at least a few gift ideas that would be perfect for your woman. If you are still unsure, surprise her with one! These are all amazing gifts and any women would be overjoyed to receive any one of them. 

Just remember in the end, it is the thought that counts! 

Love, OlavOlav Traas

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